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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: I like to/can trade the XYZ ticker on the ABC market only. Will your program work for me too?

A.: Yes, as long as you have access to reliable historical daily quotes of your instrument for a time span of at least six months.

Q.: I don't have broadband Internet access, can I also use your program?

A.: Yes, my program requires placing two orders per day tops, so ideally you could execute it with just a couple of phone calls per day to a human broker.

Q.: Does this program involve day trading?

A.: If by "day trading" you mean opening a single position in a trading session, yes. If you mean spending the trading session in front of your trading console, no.

Q.: Does this program involve swing trading?

A.: No, because swing trading contemplates holding a position for more than one day. With this program you'll always end the trading day completely flat.

Q.: Is it possible to earn $1 million in a few months by trading?

A.: It might be possible, depending on your starting capital. If you begin with an amount under $500K, it's very unlikely, but not impossible.
As a matter of fact, there are many investment funds run by managers with perhaps a Ph. D. in either finance, mathematics, physics or statistics, who are totally dedicated and committed to their jobs, and rarely I've seen them report a return of more than 50% per year, when things are well.
If you trade super well and achieve a 100% per year ROE (Return On Equity), you'll double your account each year, and assuming you reinvest all your profits, after ten years you'll have $M x 2 x 2 x ... x 2 = $M x 2^10 = $M x 1024, where M is your initial capital. If you start with $1K, it will take you at least ten years (with the above hypothesis) to reach the $1M mark.
Of course if you start with $10K, after ten years you may have $10.24M, with $100K, $102.4M, and so on.
Whoever claims that better performances can be achieved, is either deluded or has got a string of lucky trades comparable to earning $50M with a $1 winning lottery ticket.

Q.: Is it possible to trade without your account balance going negative?

A.: Trading is inherently risky, there are no guarantees that your winning trades will occur before the losing ones, so it may happen that the results of your trading will be delayed. With my program you'll learn how to assess the risks of your trading systems and what is the worst case scenario that could happen, and how to keep the situation under control at every moment, so that you will be able to keep going until the big wins come.